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an authentic and sincere customer relationship

Luxbiotech would be meaningless without a strong and committed community. That’s why building it is an essential part of our daily life. This community is based on a sincere and authentic relationship between our customers, our Brand Ambassadors and our company.

Regardless of our origins and realities, we all share the same vision: to live better on a healthier planet. We are united by the desire to consume in a more responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

A meaningful
distribution choice

This type of concrete business relationship through direct selling allows us to be closer to you, our customers, to know you, to listen to you thanks to the regular and accurate feedback we receive from our Brand Ambassadors.

It also allows us to have a positive impact on the professional lives of our Brand Ambassadors, by enabling them to make a career choice tailored to their needs.

Events to connect
with the community

At Luxbiotech, we’re convinced that a solid, authentic relationship requires strong connection moments. That’s why we’ve developed a wide range of events to reach out to our community. From online conferences to international conventions and Circular Day events, we never miss an opportunity to get together.

These high points enable us to communicate the company’s philosophy as effectively as possible, to advise our Brand Ambassadors, to keep them informed at all times about product developments and innovations and, above all, to share moments of conviviality with all those who want to join Luxbiotech.

And because we advocate transparency, all our events are open by invitation to people who want to find out more about Luxbiotech and perhaps join our great community.

Becoming agents
of change

If you’re interested in our project, in sustainable and responsible business and want to become an agent of change, you too can join our community of Brand Ambassadors.

Becoming a Brand Ambassador represents a real opportunity for your career. You will be in control of the place this new activity will take in your life, so that it adapts to your daily life and not the other way round.

Luxbiotech provides its community of Brand Ambassadors with all the necessary tools to succeed in their mission. We support you in your development, we give you all the tools to ensure your success with us and together we develop a strong and lasting relationship of trust.



our Brand Ambassadors love working with us

Our online

By developing our presence on social media, we saw an opportunity to convey our philosophy and vision to a community that knows no boundaries. Every week, we strive to offer content that focuses on well-being, that is kind, that delivers simple advice to help people live serenely, and that makes our biotechnology understandable and accessible to as many people as possible.

Our online communication also serves as support to our Brand Ambassadors, illustrating and reinforcing some of their explanations to their customers. Don’t hesitate to join us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or Youtube.

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