Who are we
Well-being, a sustainable model, an inspiring community

Living better on
a healthier planet

We are

LUX for the light of our sun, essential for life and microalgae.

BIO for the world of living organisms, microorganisms and microalgae, powerful and fascinating.

TECH for the cutting-edge technology used to extract highly concentrated bioactives.

At Luxbiotech, our day-to-day mission is to put innovation and scientific expertise at the service of everyone’s well-being. Our development is part of a sustainable approach that preserves the planet and all living beings, drawing inspiration from the circularity of nature. We are committed to putting people and living things at the heart of our activity, and aspire to create and maintain a solid, authentic relationship with you, our community, our customers and our Brand Ambassadors.

From vision to action
A synthesis of life

Founded by Jimmy Wan, Luxbiotech is the culmination of his desire to solve the equation between personal well-being and that of the planet. Sensitive to the marine world, the Reunion Island native trained as an engineer and has worked in various sectors throughout his career. When he discovered the fascinating world of microalgae, he quickly grasped their potential and the opportunities they open up to address climate challenges, as well as the natural properties that can have a beneficial effect on human health.

Research, development and innovation are an essential part of the company’s conception. Luxbiotech extracts nutrients to create products that are highly concentrated in bioactives, perfect supplements to improving your health and revealing your beauty. The raw material – microalgae grown in photobioreactors – is sustainable and has a positive impact on the environment.

And to bring our products to you, Jimmy Wan chose direct selling as the distribution model: to guarantee a direct, fluid and transparent communication with you, the consumer and the protagonist of positive change, to build authentic, strong and sincere relationships around a close and inspiring community.

Shared values
and a strong commitment

100% Circular

We protect the environment and promote the sustainable development of the planet for future generations.

Natural well-being

We believe that true quality of life is inextricably linked to physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Guaranteed quality

We ensure that everything is developed according to our quality standards throughout the production chain.

Continuous innovation

We combine science, cutting-edge technology and information to innovate and create new products.

Relationships above all else

We work tirelessly to develop genuine, trusting relationships between ourselves and our consumers.

Extracting bioactives
our cutting-edge technology

Luxbiotech relies on innovative processes that preserve the integrity and activity of the active compounds in microalgae. Our team has developed exclusive in-house methods using technologies specifically adapted to each type of bioactive.

Our extraction processes are environmentally friendly and selective, allowing us to effectively capture the bioactive compounds present in microalgae. The result is the production of high-quality ingredients that meet the most demanding standards in terms of purity, therapeutic potential and bioavailability.

quality commitment

Our products meet the most demanding standards in terms of purity and therapeutic potential. Our approach to quality is 360º, to ensure that the product meets the highest standards. In other words, we measure each product:

Bioactivity: analysis of the spectrum of bioactive molecules.

Bioavailability: the product’s ability to preserve bioactive compounds once ingested.

Biosafety: guarantee that the product is marketed in accordance with our commitment to quality and safety, and that it limits the risks to human, animal and environmental health.

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